A dear friend recently said this to me and I’ve not been able to get it out of my head since.


“You are walking in the miraculous.”


As a young adult I certainly would have agreed to this statement, but I wouldn’t have truly understood it. It would have been an academic exercise more than an experiential one. I’ve always believed in miracles, but probably would have categorized them in terms of healings or protection from catastrophe.


And as I pictured “miracles” back then, someone else would have been standing on the receiving end. Not me.

I never saw myself as someone that needed miracles nor a person who deserved them. And perhaps my idea of a miracle was an answer to a specific, yet unlikely, prayer request.

answered prayer

Since I am apparently a bit slow on the uptake, in recent years, God has chosen to show up in ways that no one, not even I could deny or dismiss. I have seen things, experienced things, and felt things that were truly remarkable, things that only the hand of God could have orchestrated. I’ve seen impossible financial obstacles completely obliterated effortlessly and unexplainably. I’ve witnessed my husband speaking clearly with his mother before his death. I’ve watched as God has provided every single need for our family in crazy, creative ways. Yes, I certainly believe in miracles. But when I think of “walking in the miraculous”, I don’t just see concrete events or provisions.

I see the hand of God in every minute detail of my life.

I see Him miraculously orchestrating the events of my days, not to show He can, but rather to place me on the path to fulfill His will for my life. Walking in the miraculous is about the Lord showing me His intimate love each and every day. It’s seeing, not just agreeing in the possibility, but really SEEING God remove obstacles that might steer me down the wrong road. It’s seeing Him work in the hearts of my children. It’s watching as He brings an orphan home to their forever family. It’s the perfectly timed text from a friend who reminds you to respond to trials rather than to react. It’s seeing when the enemy is attacking. It’s not enough to label every trial in our lives as an attack from the enemy. I’m talking about looking into the eyes of your traumatized teenager and seeing evil. I’m talking about praying for the cloud of witnesses to come behind you and defeat anything and anyone who would desire to steal, kill and destroy. It’s standing alongside fervent believers and watching God remove that evil from your presence.

In the past year alone, God has done Abundantly More than I could have ever asked or imagined. But more astonishing than the actual needs that have been met is the increased awareness of His presence. He’s not just taking care of us. No.

He’s allowing me to see Him and to see His hand in every single moment of our lives. It is incredible!

  • I am a 44-year-old widow, mother to 5 sons, with no out of the home job and yet God has allowed me to stay home with my children (a long-time prayer of my heart), to be their teacher, their nurse, their counselor, their cafeteria lady, (notice I didn’t say Chef) and their mom. He has allowed my family to be my full-time ministry.
  • This year has brought unfathomable trauma for several of my children, unprecedented fatigue for this mama, and waves of grief that have paralyzed me at times and yet God has held us closely together through it all.
  • In the midst of my mourning, God called me to write down our story. I resisted at first and He was patient with me as I came around and then used that book to begin the healing of my heart as it required me to reflect on God’s faithfulness in every chapter. Hour by hour, day after day, He would bring to my mind the examples of His faithfulness as an encouragement that He is the very God in those stories and is still with me today.
  • When I needed funds for schooling the boys, He provided a grant through the Widow’s Fund at HSLDA. When the boys needed gear for the karate season, in walked a friend with an unexpected check. When Tom was sick and I had to leave work, unpaid, God moved the hearts of many to cover our family’s health insurance. When we had surprise care repairs, a former foster class delivered a check for $600 to my house. When I needed to take our boys hundreds of miles away to scatter their father’s ashes, God provided free housing all the way up and down the east coast. I’m telling you, He is in every detail!
  • Perhaps the most profound blessing of this year is the specific members of God’s body who have come alongside me and prayed fervently for my family. These are the friends who you call in the middle of the night when a child runs away. The kind of friends who give up their weekends to serve your children. Friends who step in to teach my sons those things that their Dad would have taught them. Friends who sit with my boys at Father/Son events or come running when a tire blows out on the road. God has gifted us these kind of friends and there may never be a way for me to show them my gratitude sufficiently except to praise God for them and pray His blessings over their faithfulness to us.

Every believer has the ability to “walk in the miraculous.” One night, alone in my room, I prayed that God would show me. I prayed that He’d really let me see. It goes beyond an intellectual understanding or even the faith that He requires. If you desire to walk in the miraculous, ask. Seek the Lord in prayer. Lay yourself bare before Him as you seek His forgiveness and blessing over your life. Cling to Him as if your life depended on it. Because it does. I know mine does.