Abundantly More

One Woman’s Surprising Journey into Marriage, Parenthood, and Widowhood

When Angie Rylands married her husband Tom, they did not intend to have children. The life God had in store for them, however, was quite a departure from what they had planned. With one biological son, and four adopted sons from China, their duo eventually became a family of seven.

In 2015, however, Tom passed away from cancer, which understandably had a profound effect on the family. These experiences led Angie to share her autobiographical journey, Abundantly More, in which readers will find inspiration and encouragement to form a deeper trust in God, and reminders that He has great plans for us all, even when the unexpected happens. Within these pages, Angie—an everyday woman no different from any one of us—shares an honest and utterly relatable narrative filled with hope.

This is a real life story that was neither neat nor tidy. It’s natural to want to control our lives ourselves, but despite our best efforts, we find that heartache and failure often leave us painfully aware of our own inadequacies. When we place our trust in God, and appreciate His glorious orchestration of every event, every plan, every achievement—the desire to control diminishes, and the peace of God fills every void.

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“Angie shares her life with honesty and vulnerability and it shines through every page–from her beautiful beginning with Tom, to each precious treasure being added to her family, to having to say goodbye temporarily to the love of her life.

Abundantly More is an exquisite book that tells their story in such a powerful, truthful, raw, and tender way! Yes, there is pain and suffering!  Yes, He calls us to hard things, but His glory shines so brightly through it all.”

— Adeye Salem, Adoptive Mother and Orphan Advocate

“This is a beautiful and important book for anyone who knows what it means to be a part of a family. Angie Rylands has written a book about love, about loss, but most importantly about hope, and every reader will see in her story the truth that family matters.”

— Bret Lott, author of Jewel; Professor at College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

“Angie Rylands’ story is one of great hope and inspiration even in the face of great grief. Through this book, you will laugh; you will cry; but greatest of all, you will be led to see Jesus and His love and grace through the lives of the entire Rylands family. Thank you, Angie Rylands, for honestly and transparently sharing your story of adoption, loss, and redemption with us all.”

— Rick Morton, Vice-President of Engagement, Lifeline Children’s  Services; Author of Know More Orphans

Abundantly More shares more than Angie Rylands’ surprising journey. I found the book captivating and was unable to put it down wanting to see what miracle God was going to do in the Rylands family next. It is truly a love story demonstrating how much our God loves us Abundantly More than we can even imagine. A true story of ordinary people that will encourage any reader to trust our good Father more.”

— Anne Marie Ezzo, Co-author of Growing Kids God’s Way, Parenting from the Tree of Life