It was Good Friday, April, 22, 2011, when the Lord showed us our oldest son, Colin. God had been drawing us toward a heart for adoption for about a week prior and it was on this day that we saw Colin’s face for the first time. We knew that we were meant to bring him home and to parent him. That’s ALL we knew.

We knew nothing about International adoption. But we knew for sure that God was calling us into this adventure, so we said yes.

Colin was from the Northeastern province of Liaoning, China in the capital city of Shenyang. He was thirteen years old when we learned about him and was four short months away from turning fourteen, the age where orphans in China lose their chance at a forever family.

With support from family and friends, and a committed agency on board, we raced ahead through all of the paperwork and evaluations and arrived in China to meet him face to face on August 22, 2011. Exactly four months from the day we first saw him on our computer screen.