Cameron was our second child to come into the family from China. Just weeks after returning home from our first adoption trip with Colin, we began the adoption process all over again to bring Cameron into our family. Reportedly, Cameron was also thirteen and in danger of aging out much like Colin had been. As you can see in his photo, he doesn’t “look” thirteen.

His adoption was even faster than Colin’s had been. From the time we submitted our official LOI, or Letter of Interest, to the Chinese government, to the day we met Cameron in person, was eight weeks! Of course, this is incredibly fast, even for a family whose dossier was already logged into China, so we required lots of senatorial intervention to remove every possible hurdle.

On December 12, 2011, Colin and I arrived in Wuhan, China to meet Cameron. We completed all the necessary in-county paperwork and screenings and returned home to the states on Christmas Eve, 2011.

Once we were somewhat settled in, we began the process of trying to determine exactly how old Cameron really was. All my maternal instincts told me he was around ten years old. We had bone scans completed of his hands as well as dental evaluations and all the testing supported my gut. Cameron wasn’t fourteen, he was ten. We had his age legally changed to more accurately reflect his real age and he has thrived ever since.