Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting! I am so excited that you are here. Truth be told, I’m excited that I am here!

I’m Angie. My parents named me Angela, after a disagreement about the informality of the name “Angie” and have called me Angie ever since. Go figure.

I am a 44-year-old widow (two terms that should never coincide, in my opinion) raising five amazing sons!

I can talk all day about the passions of my heart, including my faith in Christ, adoption, raising boys, bargain shopping, homeschooling and music. I love sitting over a hot cup of coffee with a friend and sharing our lives together. I get especially excited when God can use my mess to bless or encourage someone else. It’s a mystery I may never understand!

Life in our home is far from boring!


Colin is our dreamer. He loves people and loves to serve others. He is protective and thoughtful. Colin came into our family in August, 2011 from Shenyang, China. In May, 2016, he graduated from High School. His heart’s desire is to one day return to China to share the gospel of Christ with others.


Connor is our deep thinker. He is a hard worker and cares deeply about doing his best. Connor became a Rylands in March of 2013, from Chongqing, China. He loves hot foods and can hardly find anything hot enough for his taste here in the states. He is a very fast runner and enjoys basketball. He has also earned his brown belt in Shotokan karate over the past 3 years and began learning to play the guitar last year.


Cameron is our sweet, middle child. We adopted Cameron in December, 2011 from Wuhan, China. He is artistic and very funny. He is the engineer in the family. At 14, he would spend all day long building everything from Lego guns to gumball machines. He is an incredible helper to me. This Fall will be his second year learning the trumpet.


Cooper came to our family at the same time as Connor, in March of 2013 from Changsha, China. He is the one who wears his heart on his sleeve. He is the most likely to articulate his feelings and is quick to encourage his mama when she’s sad. He is also a funny guy who loves to build things and see how they work. Cooper has a musical side too. He is learning clarinet (like his Dad!) and piano.


Tommy is our first-born and our youngest! Born in the fall of 2004, Tommy is a born and bred southern boy! He is our intellectual and loves all things science! He even asked for a lab coat and goggles for Christmas last year! He would rather read a book than just about anything. (Just like his father!) His freckles, however, he got from his mama! Like Cameron, Tommy plays the trumpet in the local homeschool band.


Missy is our favorite girl! She was adopted into the family in the Spring of 2014. She has the sweetest temperment and has been incredibly therapeutic for our boys. She, like Connor, is very fast and she will bolt whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I pray that you are blessed somehow through the reading of our adventures with God. Abundantly More was born from the hardest year of my life, but God has used it to begin healing my broken heart, and as a reminder of how incredibly faithful He is to His word. Don’t ever be afraid of letting go of your plans and allowing God to direct your steps. I promise it will bring about Abundantly More for you too!